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Drawing Portraits Workshop with Katya Mortensen
29 May 2021 | Photo by Katya Mortensen

On Saturday 29th May, ten Art Society members attended a fabulous portraiture workshop held by Katya Mortensen. The day began with the setup, which meant a couple of heaters needed to be turned on to try and warm the cool air...
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Exhibition with Australian Scroll Saw Network
15-16 May 2021 | Photo by Katya Mortensen

There was a good and interesting variety of stalls at the Australian Scroll Saw Network exhibition, of which our art society was a part. Indeed, we were told that the art exhibition was a very important part of it....
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Mark Making in Pastel by Amanda Zurek
1 May 2021 | Photo by Helen De Jonge

There were 6 of us who attended Amanda's Mark Making in Pastel workshop. The day was divided into two. In the morning Amanda gave us notes and talked about pastel as well as demonstrating different ways to use marks and what we could do with pastels as shown on the 4 boards she had made...
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Life Drawing 6th March 2021
6 March 2021 | Photo by Katya Mortensen

Luckily the weather was not too cold, but our model needed a heater on to keep him warm. It would most likely have been better out in the sun – but what would passers by have said about that? There were 9 members participating and they all produced some very good drawings throughout the range of poses from short to long ones.
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Goulburn Show Participation
4 March 2021 | Photo by Alex Mortensen

GDAS members Stavros, Amanda and Alex at setting up
the Art section of the Goulburn Show 2021.
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Meeting Day
11 February 2021 | Photo by Katya Mortensen

President Helen De Jonge presenting Julia Laybutt with her Life Member Certificate at the February meeting.
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Life Drawing 30th January
30 January 2021 | Photo by Alex Mortensen

The 9 members present witnessed the debut
of Melbourne model, Rose, and close friend of
Katya and Alex, pose for our life drawing session.
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Painting Day
10 December 2020 | Photo by Alex Mortensen

Ten of us there, busy at our work stations, but also chatting to each other and sharing art skills. See more photos in December Newsletter

Christmas Lunch
05 December 2020

Nineteen of us enjoyed our Christmas lunch gathering on The Deck at the Workers Club. Again it was a time of good cheer with much chatting and laughing amongst the members and spouses present. It was interesting to see that some people repeatedly win the little prize when they pull on bon-bons while others always lose. Obviously some GDAS members have that particular skill – just another skill that I'm lacking I suppose.
Anon (due to lack of Bon Bon skill).

Life Drawing
5 December 2020 | Photo by Katya Mortensen

At last on the first Saturday of December we reinstituted our Life Drawing session. It was so rewarding to see 11 of our members there for this important occasion. See full article in December Newsletter

BBQ Fund Raiser and Membership Drive
21 November 2020 | Photo by Sue Maas

On the 21st November Mitre 10 in Goulburn kindly allowed GDAS to use their front verandah and their BBQ to provide a BBQ which included sausage sandwiches, steak sandwiches, doughnuts and drinks. Mitre 10 customers were extremely happy at the yummy aroma of onions when they arrived. Thank you to all our members who helped out on the day and a special thanks to Mitre 10 for their hospitality. (Lesley Whitten)

Drawing Portraits Workshop with Katerina Mortensen
14 November 2020 | Photo by Katya Mortensen

A successful day was had with the attendance of eight GDAS members who participated in Katya's portrait workshop on Saturday the 14th November, which was held at the Art Studio from 10.00am – 4.00pm.
See full article by Amanda in November Newsletter

Signs Up
29 October 2020 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Our GDAS signs were installed.

Pastel Workshop with Grace Paleg
24 October 2020 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Well, as to be expected, it was quite a challenge for all of us who attended Grace Paleg's workshop in The Art Studio.
See full article in November Newsletter

Staying safe at the AGM
8 August 2020 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Incognito behind their masks were 12 of our members following safe practices in regards to social distancing and wearing of masks to the GDAS general meeting and AGM in the Goulburn Workers Club Station Room on Saturday, 8th August.
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June meeting after self isolation period
26 June 2020 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Self Isolating in action
23 March 2020 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Leaping with Life Drawing
29 February 2020 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

See the article about our Life Drawing experience in our February newsletter .

Thursday Painting Day
27 February 2020 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Life Drawing Night Session
13 February 2020 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Inaugural Open Day
8 February 2020 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

It was gratifying to see a number of members throw their weight into the preparations for the Open Day.
See full article in our February newsletter .

Generous Donation by Aina Atkins
February 2020 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Our art society has now started its permanent collection of art works with Aina Atkin's generous donation of several paintings including two of her works, two by Margaret Laird-Chown and two of each of the very well known and highly respected Alex Hall and Peter Constantinellis.
See full article in our newsletter .

Thursday Painting Day
February 2020 | Posted by Katya Mortensen


Christmas Lunch 2019
7 December 2019 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Workshop: Acrylics Landscapes with Janette McGuffog
November 2019 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

More pics - here

GWC Annual Art Prize 2019
11 October 2019 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

This is the Goulburn & District Art Society's major exhibition each and every year. This was another very successful exhibition with 74 artists submitting 275 art works. The quality of the hung works was again very high to excellent in anyone's eyes. The opening night was very well... Read more

GDAS in Lilac FestivalParade 2019
6 October 2019 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Our art society entered a float in the Lilac Festival in October. GDAS member, Bryce Ronning kindly donated the use... Read more

Thursday Painting Days Resumed
19 September 2019 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

2019 AGM & August Meeting
17 August 2019 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

AGM 2019: 14 in attendance. (Photo by Ekaterina Mortensen)

July Meeting
29 July 2019 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Cold day forced us to fit into the office with the heater:)

The winner of the People's Choice Award at Taralga Show
10 June 2019 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Another wonderful Taralga Art Show is over and we would just like to congratulate the winner of the People's Choice Award for the second year in a row, Michelle Peddle with Highland Dreaming. Well done Michelle!
Source: Facebook post

First Meeting at GDAS Art Studio
10 May 2019 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Chan's Watercolour Workshop
7 April 2019 | Posted by Lesley Whitten

Artists from Camden and Canberra joined GDAS members in our new premises, The Art Studio, at the weekend for 2 days of watercolour tuition. Chan Dissananyake, master watercolourist, shared lots of tips and techniques with 14 eager students who produced 2 completed paintings each day.

Our New Home
4 April 2019 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

We are now taking up residence in our new and permanent home - at long, long last (in the Council's Old Depot,
cnr Combermere & Bourke Sts.)

Rose Festival Exhibition 2019
10-11 March 2019 | Posted by Ekaterina Mortensen

99 paintings, 8 paintings sold! See photos here

ASOC Summer School
7-11 January 2019 | Posted by Ekaterina Mortensen

Six our members participated ASOC Summer School this year.


Annual Art Prize 2018 Exhibition
11 October 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Our Annual Exhibition the Goulburn Workers Club Annual Art Prize - Bigger Than Ever: 323 entries, 87 artists from local, NSW, ACT, Queensland and Victoria. more...

Life Drawing with Alex Mortensen
6 October 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

See more photos in2018 GDAS Newsletter.

Life Drawing with Alex Mortensen
4 August 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

See more photos in August 2018 GDAS Newsletter.

Watercolour with Isla Patterson
28 July 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

See more photos in August 2018 GDAS Newsletter.

Pastel Workshop with Tracey Millar
23 June 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

It has been reported that the workshop was very successful with Tracey taking the participants through the steps of producing a pastel art work. The photos display the success of her tutoring.

GDAS Moving Day
26 May 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Many hands make light work - we hope. So... Read more...

Acrylic Workshop with Marion Schumacher
19 May 2018 | Posted by Trish McNamara

Six of us gathered at the Artroom on Saturday 19th May for an acrylics workshop with Marion Schumacher as a follow up to a fabulous workshop last year. Read more...

Life Drawing 1st Saturday in May
6 May 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

A very enthusiastic, very small group made the most of the opportunity to draw our female life model - and at no cost to
anyone. more...

The Goulburn Regional Gallery Art Award 2018
20 April 2018 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

It is pleasing to see that our member, Stavros Papantoniou, entered and has been accepted as a finalist in the Art Award 2018. more...

Joint Exhibition by GDAS members
March - April 2018 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Lesley Whitten, Helen De Jonge and Marion Schumacher have been preparing for quite a few months and devoted much of their time in recent weeks to finalise their art to have it ready for their joint exhibition, "Three Aspects of Australia". more...

Watercolour with Chan Dissanyake
24-25 March 2018 | Posted by Sue Maas

A very enthusiastic group of eleven budding artists from Goulburn, Sydney and Canberra met at the Function Room of the Angels for the Forgotten Centre on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March for a wonderful, informative and very busy watercolour instruction from the wonderful Chan. more...

Rose Festival exhibition 2018
10-11 March 2018 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

This year we had a new venue for our Rose Festival event in the Veolia Arena, Braidwood Rd, Goulburn. There was lots of space along with excellent lighting for exhibiting artworks. Photos by Katya and Alex Mortensen - see here

Vale - John Saxton
7 February 2018 | Posted by Alex & Katya Mortensen

Well known artist, graphic designer, lecturer of art and graphic design, GDAS member. A man who always thought young. John passed away on Wednesday, 7th February, 2018. Our sincere sympathy is extended to his wife, Penny. See the article about John by Alex Mortensen in February 2018 GDAS Newsletter


Helen Cottle's Watercolour Workshop
21-22 October 2017 | Posted by Sue Maas

GDAS members and three guest artists from the Southern Highland welcomed the well-known Australian artist, Helen Cottle, to Goulburn on 21st and 22nd Oct to conduct the two day acrylic workshop. Eleven very privileged students were treated to two wonderful days of invaluable hints and techniques producing two very different artworks under Helen's expert instruction and guidance. Helen has a very unique style producing the most amazing works of art that are not hard to fall in love with. We all came away with beautiful artworks of our own and feeling very thankful that Helen was able to come to Goulburn and pass on her awesome talent. We all look forward to the next workshop with Helen.

"Feathers and Flotsam" Exhibition
29 October - 24 November 2017 | Posted by Alex Mortensen

Lesley, Marion and Helen have an Exhibition at the Yarralumla Gallery in Canberra starting the 29th October to the 24th of November. It will be opened by their good friend and artist, Isla Patterson. Lesley has a number of paintings in acrylic, oil and watercolour,including still life to landscape. Marion has a mixture of paintings in acrylic and oil, including Rosie the Rhino, plus some very colourful parrots. Helen is sticking to the feathers with lots of birds in watercolour.

Annual Art Prize Exhibition 2017
13-15 October 2017 | Posted by Katya Mortensen

Our exhibition was bigger than ever consisting of 320 artworks. 12 paintings were sold. Congratulations to the artists! See photos from the exhibition here.

Watercolour Farmyard Animals Workshop with Nell Anderson
September 2017 | Post by Helen De Jonge

Everyone enjoyed Nell Anderson's workshop very much. She had so much knowledge to pass on to us and I found it very interesting how she does watercolour by dropping colours in to a wet wash and not mixing on the palette; this is how she gets that translucency in her paintings.

Watercolour Workshop with Helen DeJonge
19 August 2017 | Photo by Helen DeJonge, Post by Ekaterina Mortensen

See our Newsletter/September 2017 for article on this workshop by Glenda.

Sukhvinder Saggu | Solo exhibition "Visual Feast" at the Goulburn Club
11 August 2017 | Photo By Ron McLachlan, Post By Alex Mortensen

Three GDAS members attended Saggu's exhibition opening at the Goulburn Club. As expected, we were impressed with the quality of Saggu's art. His many works with a variety of subject matter not only provided a beautiful decoration to the walls of the Club but displayed Saggu's artistic talent and high level of skills in various media. On speaking with different visitors I repeatedly heard comments in regard to the high quality of his artworks. I spent some time admiring Saggu's portraits in watercolour and acrylics. Congratulations, Saggu. GDAS members will find it rewarding to visit the exhibition at the Goulburn Club up until Sunday, 5th November and you may also recommend it to others.

AGM 2017
8 July 2017 | Photo By Katya Mortensen

The Executive 2017/18: President: Helen De Jonge, Vice President: Alex Mortensen, Secretary: Lesley Whitten, Treasurer: Alan Whitten, Ass't Treasurer: Vacant, Minutes Secretary: Julia Laybutt, Ass't Minutes Secretary: Sue Maas, Publicity: Alex Mortensen, Web Master: Katya Mortensen, Workshop Co-ordinator: Helen De Jonge, Public Officer: Trish McNamara, Facebook Co-ordinator: Patricia Meuller. The Committee 2017/18: Sue Maas, Rhonda Garner, Aina Atkins, Trish McNamara, Lynne Young, Val Stacey

The 1st meeting in The Art Room
8 June 2017 | Photo By Katya Mortensen

Aina Atkins | Watercolour Workshop
13 May 2017 | By Alex Mortensen - GDAS editor

Aina's watercolour workshop was another well-attended and successful one. She had the honour of being the first to run a workshop in our new venue at the Angels for the Forgotten. Everyone felt it was a good place to have it and of course enjoyed Aina's tutelage. Left: Hard at work in our new room at the Angels for the Forgotten. Photo by Helen DE Jonge.

A Moving Day | Our New Room at the Angels For The Forgotten, Sloane St, Goulburn
11 May 2017 | By Alex Mortensen - GDAS editor

Following the well attended meeting on the 11th, most of the members present were able to take part in the moving of items such as tables, chairs, bookshelves and books from the Art Shed at the Men's Shed to the other side (the right side) of the tracks and in to our room at the Angels for the Forgotten in Sloane St just to the left of the railway station. So another new stage of our art society life has commenced and it should be a good one there. Of course we appreciate the stay that we had at the Men's Shed and the friendly contacts we made over those years and wish the Men's Shed members all the best for their future.

Chan Dissanayake | Watercolour Workshop
1-2 April 2017 | By Alex Mortensen - GDAS editor

Ten artists including 6 members took part in this successful workshop. Under Chan's expert tutelage they produced 4 paintings. The first was a maritime scene with a small yacht out on a bay. The second was a landscape with a farm shed in the midground. The third was a paddle steamer on the Murray River and the 4th was a snow scene. In this selection, Chan has had the participants practice a number of different painting skills and all the participants must have gained considerable benefit from the weekend's work.

Aina Atkins – an International Art Tutor
February 2017 | By Alex Mortensen - GDAS editor

While holidaying in Malaysia with her family last year, Aina was asked to conduct an art workshop – hence she is now an international art tutor. Congratulations, Aina. It was a very productive workshop for the participants learning some of the basics of watercolours. Some of them hadn't done any art previously but as we can see in one of the photos, some credible art was produced. They must have felt absolutely chuffed at the results of their efforts.

Watercolour workshop with Chan Dissanayake
13-14 August 2016 | By Katya Mortensen

The two day watercolour workshop was a wonderful experience. Chan is a very generous and skillful artist whose style appeals to me. This is my second workshop with him and I continued enjoying painting and learning from him. Chan brought several pieces of equipment to enrich his demonstration by showing on wide screen TV the action of painting and mixing colours and projecting the original photograph on another screen. During the two full days - 9am to 5pm - we painted three ¼ watercolour sheet and one 1/2 sheet paintings. There were many explanations of the painting processes. One exercise was to paint human figures in perspective. ... The most important things I learned this time were: do not paint the illustration or exact photograph, do paint for yourself, work with suggestions but not exact copy of the objects, try to make watercolours paint for you. It's usually the most successful part - the importance of the brushmarks...

Rhonda Garner: a member with Unusual Skills
September 2016 | By Alex Mortensen

I daresay most of our members would not know that Rhonda is an accomplished artist who has used very different skills and worked in a media we may have never thought of using. We can safely say that Rhonda was an acclaimed artist in her field as far back as the 1980s. A Japanese company, C. I. Toh, purchased 19 of her works to present to Russian wool buyers in 1988. Even earlier, back in 1982, Goulburn Council commissioned Rhonda to produce some 300 brooches. I think we would all be absolutely pleased if we had such sales and commissions and probably most of us will never have such success although we may well be inspired to try to emulate it...
Full text of the article GDAS Newsletter September 2016

... Events 1904-2016 to be added here...


First Annual Exhibition
Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), Saturday 19 November 1904, page 3

"First Annual Exhibition, November 22-26, 3-5.30pm daily. Thirty pictures by Sydney artists, thirty pictures by local artists. Publicly opened by the Mayor (W. R. Costley Esq.) London Bank Chambers, Auburn St."
Source: www.trove.nla.gov.au
Image source: Ziegler, O.I. 1946. Goulburn - Queen City of South.

First Meeting place of Art Society of Goulburn
Goulburn Herald Friday 3 June 1904, p2 | Photo: Pinterest by Sammy Leigh Interior Design

"A meeting of persons favourable to the formation of an art society in Goulburn was held at the Town Hall yesterday afternoon. The mayor presided and there were present about 20 persons. The chairman, after explaining the objects of the meeting, called on Archdeacon Bartlett to move the first resolution. Archdeacon Bartlett said he came there to see whether he could do anything in the way of a Phillistine, and he hoped they would not consider it cheek on his part as he could not paint a haystack to save his life. But he could tell a good picture from a bad one, and he hoped he would be excused for what he was going to say now regarding the pictures he had seen in Goulburn..."
Full text at www.trove.nla.gov.au


First Art Classes in Islington House
Photo from Photograph Town and Country Journal, 1899 courtesy of Goulburn Historic Society

"First organised art classes in Goulburn were commenced above Foxall's Music Warehouse in Auburn St, opposite Belmore Park in 1897 - the beginnings of forming our Art Society in Goulburn." Newsletter April 2019


The Goulburn & District art society has a membership of dedicated artists whose aim is to foster art in the Goulburn and surrounds. It does this through regular painting days, workshops and exhibitions thus encouraging artists in their endeavours and drawing art to the attention of the general public.

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